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Do you have a console or game that's not working the way it should?

Blue Shell can help you! Our on-site techs can take a look at any game console or accessory and get it working like new. Video game cartridges and discs can be cleaned or resurfaced.



We fix and refurbish any and all game systems from retro to the new gen, including accessories, games, and more. System not reading games? Freezing? Won't power on? Not working as it should?





We repair all discs! Our staff can buff or sand depending on how bad your disc is. Repairs on all cartridges include battery replacement and pin resurfacing.


Base Repair Fees

$50 [LAST GEN CONSOLES (Nintendo Switch, Lite, OLED included)]


Includes: Full system diagnostic, full system cleaning, labor for first repair

Bug Infestation Cleaning - Equal to the Base Repair Fee

HDMI Repair - $105 [All Consoles]

Controller Repairs

Starting at $25/$35 (New Gen)

Additional costs may be added for parts

Disc Resurfacing

All Discs $5 EACH

Cartridge Repairs

Cleaning available upon request [Price Varies]

Battery Replacements - $25

Cartridge Repinning

Based on Title




* Additional fees may be added if our tech comes across unexpected problems while cleaning the console. You will be contacted prior to fixing the problems to approve all additional expenses. Estimates can be given over the phone/online/in person, but are subject to change based on information gathered during diagnostic. Base Repair Fee/Infestation Fee/HDMI Repair Cost is paid up-front at drop-off and are non-refundable, all additional costs can be paid at pick-up or over the phone. All of our repairs are warrantied for 30 days after pick-up unless the console was opened prior to or after repairs are done, re-infested, or for any other specified reason. If after 60 days from time of call for pick-up, the system has not been picked up, nor has the customer contacted us to extend pick-up deadline, all items will be considered abandoned and disposed of with no compensation to the customer.

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