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RETRO TO NEW GEN! We offer the best and most diverse products in the valley. We are always looking to bring the best and most desirable items to your local Blue Shell. If we do not have a product in stock we are able to order most items and have it delivered to one of our locations for pick up. We will honor our Blue Shell Warranty on all products ordered through one of our locations. We also offer shipping for all customers.

We promise to always deliver clean, tested, working products. All hardware and accessories are backed by a 30-day Repair/Replace WARRANTY. All games are backed by a 7-day Repair/Replace WARRANTY.

Items we carry (selection based on location and current Trade-Ins): Video Games & Systems, Collectibles (Guides, Statues, Collectors Editions, Manuals, Boxes, Toys, and more), Comics, DVD's, TCG Cards, Accessories and Parts.

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