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We are proud to offer one of the best trade-in policies in the valley. If you have games, collectibles, toys, cards, or other valuable items, you can bring them in and trade for items you do want. We offer a higher trade value than all other stores. Trading in for store credit always pays more then selling for cash, sometimes up to 50% more! We also offer a retro to new-gen trade program and can offer more in trade toward a new and available title! 


Come by and see what trades have made it through our doors today because there is always something new at Blue Shell Gaming!


Items we take: Video Gaming (All systems and most titles), Packaged and/or Rare Collectibles (Vintage and New Toys, Statues, Guides, Art and more), Comics, DVDs, Hardware for PARTS or "AS-IS" condition and all related Accessories and Cables.

 We even take used electronics such as tablets, phones, PC gaming equipment, and much more!

For questions please reach out to your nearest store for any clarification on our Trade-In Program.

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